Broken Banners

Merisial the Pirate?

trapped in Piren's Bluff cutting people's throats

CY 592 Wealsun
The confession of Merisial A’ Hahn

Great Geshtai please forgive my sin. The little girl lives but something in my heart has died. I know little of what I am doing these days. The girl startled me while I was trying to evade capture in this desperate town of Piren’s Bluff. I didn’t think, I just reacted. When I saw the blade slide across the girls throat I almost screamed in protest. I could hardly believe it was my own hand that held the blade that, performed such a vile and cowardly act!

I immediately bent down and asked The River Mother’s for healing to save the child’s life. Geshtai the merciful granted me the power to save the child’s life but, will the blood ever wash away?

I tell myself it must be my companions. Their roguish ways have rubbed off on me and I am too complacent in their morally questionable decisions. We are not Pirates by deed but, Mathew Frayne the young captain, and Ayalia the elven wizard, do nothing to dissuade others from thinking the Sea Ghost is still a Pirate vessel. After all, it was their decision and the quarter master Marcus Nimblefoot’s, to smuggle mercenaries into the Duchy of Tehn, instead of being happy with the sizable profit we would have made off just delivering the weapons to Redspan, as we were contracted to do.

Now our the Sea Ghost sits buoyed to the dock in Redspan while we try to prove our loyalty on a seemingly suicide mission! Oh Geshtai what is the purpose of this? Please show me your wisdom. I am not even a full shareholder in the Sea Ghost, why have I been caught up in this nonsense only to shed innocent blood?!

I do know this town is ruled by a Tyrant, that much is sure. It’s location on the beautiful upper reaches of the Zumker River cannot be a coincidence. I have always know from the time I was a young girl that you called me to spread your faith River Mother. Perhaps if I help to free these people from their oppression they will be receptive to your teachings and learn to honor the great river at their doorstep. Perhaps if I help save this town it will somehow help me atone for harming one of their precious citizens. I do not know but, I must try.

I will rejoin my companions in the morning if I can find them. The priest of Beory is harmless enough but he has lost his senses. If I survive this challenge I vow two things:

  1. I build a shrine to Geshtai in Piren’s Bluff
  2. I insist on a full share in the Sea Ghost



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