Broken Banners

Tethan's Final Journal

The grey frozen expanse of the swamp feels like it goes on forever. I know we have only traveled about four days from Eru Tovar but long exhausting hours of trudging through unchanging frozen muck with fog limiting the whole of our existence to only a few confining yards around us makes every step feel futile. I must remember that as hateful as this land is it is but an earthly swamp and not the hopeless expanses of the Grey Waste we traverse. If we can keep our spirits up and our feet moving we will make it through this place. I just hope that our efforts are worth it, as I’ve written before I doubt the wisdom of using Fiend’s Embrace. Even should it give Nystul the knowledge he needs it will undoubtedly attempt to manipulate us to it’s own ends.

For now I will put my trust in Nystul. He is only hope for Redspan and the Duchy of Tehn whose people have already suffered so greatly. To be put to the sword and the pyre for nearly a decade at the hands of Iuz’s forces while their neighbors the supposed servants of justice and light simply fortified their borders and watched, and then when the strangle hold of evil was finally broken to have those neighbors that refused help march in and demand to rule. Even before this supposed split in their church the Theocracy of the Pale’s actions shamed them.

Before I can do anything greater for them I will have to find a way to survive my ordeal in Eru Tovar where I must defend my “claim” to Kyra against her former fiance. It is more than possible that I will end up being killed in the ring, leaving her no better off then before. When I saw the blank look in her eyes, the utter hopelessness and acceptance of of the life of anguish that awaited her, I had to do something. I have the beginning of a plan, but it depends on many things which are uncertain.

There is much riding on us now. The future of the good people of Redspan, the traditions of Alluna and her people, the life of our own Kyra. maybe even the fate of the Theocracy. I must believe in our abilities as a team. Elthazar, Thon, Katrina, and myself, can accomplish everything that is set before us and retire with a song and a hearty round among those we have helped achieve their freedom. Yes that is a good thought to sleep on.


very good journal entry, hope to see more like them in the future!

Tethan's Final Journal

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