Broken Banners

Thon's thots on leaving again

as i weigh the possibility of leaving this area again, it is with mixed feelings. i have not found out any information or leads or anything about my brother Jahob, his wear abouts his being dead or alive. in my heart i feel he is still of this world, i have to believe this for my parents sake, and my other siblings. dreaming of them working in the shop, all of us like we used to, repairing trinkets, bartering items and dreaming of on day being a part of the battles that rage around us.
perhaps when we return from our adventures, i may harden my search for him, for a clue, for a sign of him, my poor brother. Last seen when the outbreak of the Greyhawk wars, perhaps he is a seasoned warrior by now, or …. i can not think about the other choices.
especially after loosing some close friends in my battles past, i am fearful of our next adventure. it will be cold, it will be fierce, it will be a long time when i will return to these parts again.
Charles is dead, my debt to Alluna is still open, and i am weary of the battles i have fought. my shoulder is i much pain, but my skills as a warrior, as a tracker are increasing in ability’s, as is my use of man-feller, my closest companion. what a wonderest weapon, it becomes part of me as i become part of it.
i am positive as i walk this land that man fella will keep me alive and will bring me back here to continue my quest for Jahob.
for with every kill and the battle cry “Jahob” as i fell my enemies, perhaps the 1 will bring me closer to the other, they may find each other, but what folly is this, a sword to find my lost brother. time to drink same ale, gain some sleep and head onward, into the cold, the dark, the UN-known.



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