Broken Banners

Thorfin's Tale

Thorfin reflects on his brief enslavement and his new companions

Reaping 3rd week

It has been nearly four weeks since I last saw my elder Sister Lady Blackrock as she is known, or just Thar as I know her. Tharma always has hated when I shortened her name, says it sounds too much like an Orc and a particularly ugly one at that. By Moradin’s beard, she should have never told me that! Now she’ll be Thar to me until she marries! It’s good to think of Sister, I hope she fares well in her task, unlike myself.

I suppose it is needless and pointless to feel self pity at my situation. Moradin has spared me; from captivity, slavery, and most likely worse. If only he had felt me worthy to enter his great halls and not my less experienced allies and companions. The dead neither want or would claim my pity. No indeed, my dead companions feast with the Forge Father now. Seven we were when we parted from my Sister’s group, now only I remain. Four died in battle with the savage orcs and their honor-less human mercenary allies. Another died of his wounds while we marched in captivity. My long time brother-in-arms; Gwain Thunderstone, was sacrificed in a Gruesome ritual, for trying to free me from the cage they had penned me in.

I was sold into slavery. I was the property of a large Slaver’s caravan until the Lord Mayor’s son of the town of Yellow-reach, took a fancy to owning a Dwarf. The bastard paid what I assume to be a small fortune for me. I was only in Yellowreach two days when a group of adventures rescued me. The young Lord was busy carousing local establishments when this small group used magic and guile to smuggle me out of the accursed little hamlet.

Owning these fine people my freedom and possibly my life I pledged my service to them without hesitation.

Perhaps, the forge father’s will works in all this misfortune. For the adventuring group that rescued me was trying to recover an artifact from the very same mountain that hold’s one of the ancient Dwarven relics my sister and I seek. Also as the fates would have it, I met the brother of one of the group that rescued me while I was in captivity. The brother of Thon Fielderson ; Johab, gave me water when I had none for a day. This brother of Thon Fielderson was also a captive and was taken south with the slaver caravan after I was sold to the young Lordling in Yellowreach.

Even though we were just a couple miles from White Plume Mountain we put our respective expeditions on hold, to rescue Thon Fielderson’s brother from the horror of slavery. We set out after a day of rest. My new allies provided me with some equipment and weapons of a former slain ally of theirs.

After several days of hard travel we encountered a huge worm like creature of lavender hue. The creature was enormous so we fled it but it doggedly pursued us for a couple days more. We thought we had lost it by the time we reached the ruined fortress town of Axeport on the northern banks of the Nyr Dyv. The town was overrun with humanoids, so it was decided that Katrina Urquell, Thon Fielderson, and myself would stay out of sight in a costal cave while Enidri Felwin used his magic to go into the former town and procure a boat by any means he could.

A couple hours after Enidri Felwin had returned empty handed; we were paid a visit by the insane wizard Keraptis. The wizard quickly incapacitated us with powerful spells and then proceeded to chastise the group for not finishing their task of retrieving the artifact weapons he had secured in his stronghold inside White Plume Mountian. It seems he had recently waken from a centuries long sleep and was using his little playground as he called it to test the mettle and resiliency of the peoples of this age.

Although the wizard was quite mad, there was little we could do against him. He was simply too powerful. The Cleric of Kord Katrina Urquell, eventually convinced him Keraptis to allow us to first rescue Thon Fielderson‘s brother Johab and then promised to return to White Plume Mountian and attempt to complete Keraptis little test. Keraptis however, didn’t let us go completely un-punished. He promised the huge Purple Worm that had been pursing us would continue to do so after a two day head start. In addition we only had fifty days to return to White Plume Mountain or else Keraptis would personally come and retrieve us and compel us to be guardians of his treasures through magical means.

In the morning we set out for the Shield Lands. We cannot get a boat to cross over Tomun’s Enclave, the isle that the city of Amundford is on and hopefully, Thon Fielderson’s brother Johab. The journey will be difficult. Orc and Gnoll patrols swarm the area between here and the free Shield Lands. However, I am confident Moradin would not have spared me thus far, just to have me perish in the wilds at the hands of orcs. Who knows perhaps I will hear news of my sister?



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