Risting Quad

High Priest of the Southern Army of light in Occupied Tenh


Risting Quad is the high priest of the southern arm of the Occupying army of the Theocracy of Pale. His unit is located in the former lands known as Duchy of Tenh southern portion. He also is the Temple elder in that Army’s provisional headquarters in the town of Braycott. He is a fit middle aged man who seems to be of noble breed. He has means and likes to show his generosity to his friends. He is less stern than most priest of Pholstus and seems to be friends with Lord Cruson Dylerold. His #1 assistance at the Braycott temple is a chubby gregarious priestess by the name of Mother Denier.

Risting Quad is married and has at least one child.


Risting Quad

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