Sandblat is an enigmatic foil to the Dragon Claws.


No one is exactly sure what Sanblat’s true appearance looks like, as he often uses magic and mundane disguises. He is most often seen as a Silvered haired young man in his late 20’s. Other times he appears to be a middle aged bald man in his late 30’s. Sanblat’s guises are as varied as his magic. His height, weight, and even gender, have been know to change as his needs dictate.

What is known about Sanblat is: he is most likely a general practitioner of magic rather than a specialist wizard. Though he seems to favor illusion and enchantment spells; Sanblat has demonstrated proficiency in all schools of magic. He is often seen wearing a midnight blue colored robe adorned with tiny bone fetishes and he always seems to have a couple of wands and scroll tubes about his person.

Lastly, it is speculated that Sanblat has a Rat familiar. Several times he has been spotted with a rat or rats near him.


Sanblat’s origins are unknown. He was first encountered in the caves underneath the abandoned mansion near the town of Salt Marsh. It seems he had some type of leadership role in assisting pirates smuggle weapons and supplies to the remains of the former Horned Society military.

Sanblat’s perceived connection to the Horned Society was later confirmed by Nystul after he investigated some documents found on the former Pirate Ship Sea Ghost. It is unclear if Sanblat is an actual member of the Horned Society or, a paid henchmen or some other type of servant. What is known is, Sanblat’s goals and the Horned Society’s goals seem to work together.

Sanblat has also taken interest in the doings of the Dragon’s Claws. He has a particular interest in Katrina Urquell. He seems to have accidently encountered her once in Redspan and purposely ambushed her in the Free City of Greyhawk. It may not be only Katrina Urquell he is interested in however. Sanblat did hire the mercenary Hobgoblin wizard Hugash to eliminate the Dragon Claws and may have also tried to impede their escape from the town of Yellowreach, while the adventures were trying to rescue Thorfin.

Sanblat remains a mystery and an enemy to the Dragon Claws. Whatever, his goals are; he remains dangerous.


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