Mithral Full Plate

Dwarven Mithral Full Plate


+8 AC, max Dex bonus +3, Armor check penalty -3, Arcane spell failure 25%, weight 25lb. treat as medium armor.


This set of plate mail was found in the remains of a Gelatinous Cube and is presumably the former Armor of the adventurer; Druingar Glint axe. The party encountered and defeated the “Cube” inside the former Dwarven complex called “Droskar’s Crucible.” The Armor was later found to be a relic of the Flamepacer clan of Dwarves and was traded to Hgerd Ironcutter for shares in a copper mine.

Hgerd Ironcutter in turn, returned the armor to his clan. The Flamepacer clan later fitted the armor for Hgerd Ironcutter and declared him a champion and defender of the clan.

Mithral Full Plate

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