Character build

For all characters

  1. Only the PHB races and the Tiefling and Aasimar will be available to use as player characters
  2. To Generate ability scores two methods are permissible; The floating re-roll method found on page 169 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (4d6 using the 3 highest dice rolled for each of the six ability scores. In addition a player may re-roll one die on any one score before abilities are assigned.)A player may also use a Non standard point buy for challenging campaigns. 28 points should be used on the point buy chart found on page 169 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide.
  3. All characters receive a bonus Luck Feat from the Complete Scoundrel at first level.
  4. All characters will receive a Hero Point upon reaching a new level and at 1st level: all other Hero points are awarded at DM’s discretion
  5. No evil characters (if you like to fantasize about kicking puppies or stealing candy from babies; this may not be the campaign for you)
  6. All Characters will receive one bonus skill rank in one of the following Skills; craft, profession, or perform; the rank in this skill should be incorporated into the character’s back story
  7. Character’s may take advantage of the Trait house rules of the Broken Banners campaign

The following changes will be made to select races

  • Aasimar: Add Cleric as a favored class choice
  • Dwarves: Add Cleric as a favored class choice
  • Elves: Add Fighter as a favored class choice
  • Gnomes: Add Illusionist as a favored class choice; speak with burrowing animals is now just
    speak with animals
  • Half Elves: Specialized Add any skill focus feat as a bonus 1st level feat
  • Half Orcs: Ferocious Half-Orcs gain +2 on intimidate checks; treat Orc double axe as a marshal weapon; Add Rogue as a favored class choice
  • Halflings: Add Swashbuckler as a favored class choice
  • Tiefling: Add Sorcerer as a favored class choice (if Sorcerer is Chosen as a favored class the PC may choose Wisdom instead of Charisma to take the -2 penalty)

The following source books will be allowed for base and prestige classes; with restrictions noted ( no exceptions! )

  • Players Handbook (all core classes are legal: house rules for individual classes apply)
  • Complete adventure ( All base classes in this supplement are legal)
  • Players Handbook 2 (All base classes legal and most alternate or expanded classes legal)
  • Complete Arcane ( only the War Mage is a legal base class from this supplement)
  • Complete Divine ( only the favored soul base class is legal from this supplement)
  • Complete Mage (some alternate class features will be allowed from this supplement)
  • Complete Warrior ( all base classes allowed; Hexblade must be non -evil Samurai must have an extensive back story as to why he is adventure in this part of Oerik )
  • Miniatures Hand book (Marshal only)
  • Un-earthed Arcana (most alternate class features available)

Class changes
The following classes have changes

  1. Barbarian Barbarians now receive a bonus on fear effects while raging equal to 1/3 their level rounded down ( min +1 ) example: a 9th lv. Barbarian would receive a +3 bonus vs. fear while raging. This is a supernatural effect.
  2. Bard at 2nd lv. Bard gains talented performer ability, the bard may choose a performance skill that he/she does not already have ranks in and assign it 2 bonus skill ranks: At 5th level the bard may choose either one of the PHB 2+2 skill feats (such as investigator or alertness) or a bonus luck feat: At 10th lv. the Bard may choose one of the following bonus feats, 2+2 skill feat, a luck feat,disguise spell, extra music, Green Ear, Obscure lore, Subsonics, or versatile performer.: At 16th level a Bard may choose any bonus feat (pending DM’s approval)
  3. Cleric At 8th, 14th, & 20th level a Cleric may choose a bonus faith feat as outlined on page 86 of Complete Divine
  4. Dragon Shaman At 2nd lv Dragon Shaman gets a 1d6 Breath weapon, At 10th level a Dragon Shaman begins to sprout small wings and is considered always under the affect of a feather fall spell unless flat footed or in a constricted space that doesn’t allow the Shaman to un-furl their wings. At 15th level a Dragon Shaman learns to fly the number of rounds equal to his str. mod +3 (light load only, min 1 round) with poor maneuverability and a 40ft fly speed.
  5. Druid although no changes to the Druid class, changes to some feats and skills used frequently by this class, will affect how it is played (see the Natural spell feat house rule). Also; class restrictions such as no metal armor will be strictly enforced.
  6. Favored Soul Bonus luck feat lv. 2; At 10th lv. the the Favored Soul may use Feather Fall as an extraordinary ability once a day and may use the ability twice a day at 20th level. a At 15th level the Favored Soul sprouts immature wings and has limited ability to fly. Please see Dragon Shaman house rule.
  7. Fighter Add:Knowledge archetecture engineneering to Fighter’s class skills; At 3rd level a fighter’s training and many hours on watch have enabled him to become more alert and gains the sentry ability, granting him a +1 competence bonus to his listen or spot checks, this ability increases every 4 levels after 3rd until 19th level with a total +5 worth of bonuses to either spot or listen. At 5th level the fighter has seen his or her share of combat and gains the bravery ability, granting the fighter +1 competence bonus against fear effects. this bonus also increases every 4 levels after 5th ending at 17th with a +4 bonus vs. fear.
  8. Marshal bonus feat 5th choose from 2+2 skill feats, luck feat, or expert tactician
  9. Monk bonus feat 8th choose 2+2 skill feat, luck feat, or skill focus feat
  10. Ninja bonus feat 2nd :improved unarmed strike, bonus feat 4th stunning fist or exotic weapon proficiency (either katana {MW bastard sword}, fukim-bari, whip/whip dagger, chain & dagger, nekodes {tiger claws}, claw bracers, or war fan) bonus feat 11th and 19th (ambush, 2+2 skill, luck, skill focus, skill trick feats or spectral skirmisher, fade into violence, cunning evasion, Death blow, Danger sense, improved diversion, Staggering strike, stunning fist, fist of iron, or flying kick)
  11. Paladin At 5th level the Paladin may choose a Bonded weapon class feature instead of his Special Mount class feature. The Bonded weapon follows all the rules of Bonded magic items on page 232 of the DMG II. The Paladin freely receives a masterwork weapon of his choice either as an heirloom, through an organization (such as a church), or through any type of appropriate campaign roll-playing method. The weapon is a +1 magic weapon with one of the following abilities: Bane, Defending, Flaming, Frost, Shock, Ghost touch, Keen, or Merciful. The weapon is not magical in any other player or NPC’s hands and cost the Paladin no money or experience. In addition the Paladin receives the Benefits of one of the following three Bonding rituals without actually having to perform them(pg 233 DMG II): Ritual of Faith, Ritual of Honor, or Ritual of Purity. The Paladin may not use the following Rituals to improve his weapon: Rituals of Blood, Dread, or Theft.The 6th level Paladin ability Remove Disease now has the option of Removing Blindness or Deafness In addition to Removing Disease, twice a week instead once a week. Every 3 levels thereafter the Paladin gains two additional uses of the ability per week. At 8th level a Paladin can choose either Improved Smiting , extra smiting, true bond (pg. 232 DMG II), or an appropriate Divine Feat as a bonus feat. At 11th level a Paladin gains a 2nd bonus feat and may choose from Iron Will, in addition to the choices offered at 7th level.
  12. Ranger At 8th lv. Ranger gains either a bonus 2+2 skill feat or luck feat
  13. Rogue At 7th, 14th, & 20th lv. the Rogue gains bonus skill tricks as outlined in the Complete scoundrel
  14. Sorcerer Add Use Magic Device as a class ability. At 1st level bonus Heritage feat (note: all Bloodlines or other such options must correspond with the Sorcerer’s Heritage; example a Sorcerer could not pick the Fey option Bloodline from Unearthed Arcana and be of Infernal Heritage); 2nd lv. bonus feat choose either eschew materials or arcane preparation. Also please note that familiars now grant the Alertness feat out to 1 mile instead of arms reach.
  15. Wizard may use the bonded object rule from page 78 of the Pathfinder core rule book instead of choosing a familiar at 1st level. May also add reserve spell feats as possible choices of Wizard bonus feats at 5th,10th,15th, &20th levels.
Prestige Classes

All prestige classes are subject to Dungeon Master approval and must have an accompanying back story. Prestige classes must also come from the same source books as the base classes allowed in the campaign.

Character build

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