Down time

Down time is the time spent by Player Characters between adventures. It provides both an interesting diversion from the standard rpg role-playing and as the foundation for great story and back-story material. If you are interested in developing your PC more thoroughly you should definitely take advantage of this system.

Because of all that goes into our live games (and the fact that I don’t want to take away from our live sessions,) most down time role-playing will take place through the Downtime thread on the Forums tab.

The following link Broken Banners will give you access to a Google Drive document that has the Downtime rules and several other optional rules. If a player is interested in taking advantage of the downtime rules; He or She must respond on the Forums.

Besides adding flavor and immersing your character more fully into the campaign, there are several possible benefits of downtime activities:

  • Making money
  • Increasing your character’s reputation
  • Building and maintaining businesses
  • Establishing contacts far and near
  • Attracting followers (beyond just the leadership skill)
  • Crafting items (both mundane and magical)

The possibilities are endless and the rules as defined in Ultimate Campaign are quite comprehensive. So I encourage one and all to check them out by going to the Forums.

Down time

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