Hero Point

Hero Point rules

We will be using most of the Hero Point rules located on pages 322 & 323 of Pathfinder’s Advanced Players Guide. An abbreviated explanation of benefits and limitations of the sub-system is listed below.

Players may use Hero points for the following: (note: no player may have more than 3 hero points at any one time; exception if a player is awarded a hero point for an adventure log entry he/she may have for hero points until he she uses one)

  1. Reroll: one of your rolls (1 HP)
  2. Enemy Reroll: cause the DM to reroll a roll (2HP)
  3. Act out of turn: you may act out of turn; this does not grant an extra action in a round (1HP)
  4. Extra action: you may take one extra standard or move action in a round (1HP)
  5. Bonus: add +4 to any of your character’s D20 rolls after the result is revealed or +8 bonus before the D20 is rolled (1HP)
  6. Inspiration: get a hint from the DM about a clue, mystery, or puzzle (1HP)
  7. Curse: assign a -8 penalty to a DM roll that will negatively effect your character (2HP)
  8. Recall: recall one spell or special ability
  9. Bypass Damage reduction: your character may bypass all damage reduction on a single creature for one round (1HP)
  10. Cheat Death: Any damage or effect that cause a character to die instead reduces that character to -1 HP and stable (2HP)
  11. Hit point Reroll: you may re-roll your hit point roll at the time of leveling a character (2HP)

The above list is the default house rules for the hero point system that will be used Broken Banners campaign. The Special Hero point ability or effect will not be used. Please refer to pages 322 and 323 for further details on how you can use your characters Hero points. Please note; any use of Hero points that is used for another PC will cost double the amount of Hero points stated above. example: character A sees character B get crushed by a falling column. Character A decides to spend two hero points to let Character B reroll his reflex save.

Hero Point

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