House Rules

House rules for Broken Banners
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We will be using Dungeon’s and Dragon’s 3.5 rules with some slight modifications to the rules. If you have a issue with a particular unbalanced rule or modification please bring it up with the Dungeon Master.
The Dungeon Master has the right to ban or limit any Feat,Ability, or combination; that seems un-balanced, unfair, or that otherwise takes away the enjoyment of the game for either players or the DM.
Scheduling will be agreed upon in advance and e-mailed to all players. Also you may check the Calendar of the Broken Banners web page.
If you are not present at a session; your character will be left behind (at a local Inn ect..) If the character is unable to be left behind; the character will be played by another player (chosen before the campaign begins.) If an alternate player is not available to play the character, the dungeon master will treat the character as an npc for that session and the character will only earn 2/3 xp.

Character Generation
The following modifications to Character Classes & Races will be used in Broken Banners and can be found on the Character build page.

Skill 1
Use the following link for Skills house rules.
Jumping power
Use this link; Feats for house rules

Actual Play house rules

The following is a list of “In-play” house rules:

  • Use constitution score to determine death by negative hit points instead of the standard -10
  • Players will be given warning of any death effects or other conditions that would take a player character out of play for the duration of a major combat. This is so that the player may use any Hero Point’s available to their character(s).
  • Down time rules from Pathfinder’s Ultimate Campaign will be made available to players who want to develop the character’s more fully between game sessions. Each player who wishes to role play a character’s Down Time will be provided a pdf copy of Ultimate campaign. Down Time activity will mostly be played apart from live game sessions and roll-played on a special Forums topic or a live chat room.
House rules for altered or new Spells
House rules for all things related to all things characters own, carry, travel on, use, wear, ect.. Equipment; also includes rules/restrictions for starting equipment at higher levels.

House Rules

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