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The official Wiki of the Broken Banners campaign.

The first purpose of The Pub, is to introduce players and fans to the Broken Banners campaign. The second purpose of The Pub, is to help players navigate the various nuances and quirks of the Broken Banners campaign.

Why Greyhawk? Why 3.5?

Ever since Advanced Dungeons & Dragons™ first started occupying shelves of hobby and book stores in the early 80’s, I have held a fascination with this particular campaign setting. I suppose many of the characters I played or groups I was a DM for, played in this setting without really realizing it or at least, minimizing its importance.

Other than a couple one shot adventures, I had never run a complete 3.5 rules campaign in the Greyhawk setting. My last campaign took place in The Forgotten Realms®. Although I love the detail and extensive support material connected with The Realms, I found myself wanting more freedom for both myself and the players; to build and shape the world in which their characters reside.

Therefore, I chose the Greyhawk setting because:

  • Although, there is some support material available for the Greyhawk campaign setting it’s not so extensive that the players or the DM should feel slaves to published canon
  • It’s one of the Original campaign worlds! It’s where Gary Gygax and friends: first built Castle Greyhawk and eventually expanded their game into an entire continent
  • It’s still a pretty big Sandbox
  • It uses the core D&D patheon
  • It’s got Mordenkainen, Rary, and Iuz!
  • 3.5 is simply one of the better rpg. gaming systems
  • Lastly I already owned a bunch of 3.5 books and I wasn’t going to invest hundreds of $ more!

What kind of campaign is Broken Banners?

Broken Banners will be a casual campaign with no pressure put on the precipitants to show up at any particular scheduled session. Dates and times of scheduled play sessions will be listed in the Calendar section of this site.

Broken Banners is sandbox in nature. Plots will develop according to the PC’s actions. The central starting area of the campaign will be the North Central area of the Flanaess. Kingdoms such as Theocracy of Pale, the war torn Duchy of Tehn,and the Bandit Kingdoms, may be focal points of adventure and political intrigue.Players may choose to insert themselves into violent struggles for power and land or distance them selves from it as they choose.

Optional rules systems may be used if players wish to flesh out their world more completely. The Kingdom building rules from Pathfinder’s Ultimate Campaign supplement will be available and encouraged should the players wish it. Down time rules from the same supplement will also be used if the players wish it. Optional Trait and Flaw systems from Unearthed Arcana will be made available to players. And the Hero Point rules from Pathfinders Advanced Players Guide will also be used.

Players should expect about a 35%-65% split on the tactical and role-play axis. Strong emphasis will be placed on in character play. This Wiki will give the characters several key play aids to help them remain immersed in the campaign. Links such as the Oerth Calendar or Places and People will aid the characters in writing journals and remaining grounded in the campaign.

Players will be encouraged to build two or more characters as we may run multiple scenarios and multiple adventuring parties within this one campaign. Eventually separate adventuring parties may meet or may not (that being the nature of a sandbox style campaign. Therefore, more than one Dungeon Master may be invited to run a segment of the campaign, as the open nature of Broken Banners should readily accommodate a second DM.

Guidelines and limitations of character creation will be listed on the House Rules

A list of published adventures that make up much of the source material of this campaign; can be found on the modules page

Lastly be sure to check out photo’s of our actual play on the playground page

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