Parts and pieces of the Broken Banners campaign.

This is the page where all the published material that comprises the Broken Banners campaign, will be listed. I will endeavor to make the list chronological and as organized as possible. However, since multiple characters participated on often separate timelines; one or more modules may be out of order. For further clarification on which published adventure was played by which PC or NPC; please refer to our Timeline or Welcome to your Adventure Log! pages.

Be sure to check DM notes and player commentary captions beneath some of the listed material.

Deep Freeze 1st LVL.
from dungeon magazine #83 played almost as is with a couple twist from the DM. Located in the Rakers mountains just inside the Theocracy of Pale in the Broken Banners campaign

Hollow’s last hope 1st LVL
played in conjunction with Burning Plague by mostly npc’s (Pcs joined only for monastery section). The Darkmoon Vale is also located inside a valley in the Rakers mountain chain and part of, the Theocracy of Pale. It is several leagues north of the Rakers Asylum of Deep Freeze fame.

Burning Plague 1st & 2nd LVL
This is a WOTC freebie; played as is. However, the city in danger was Falcon’s Hollow from previous module

Crown of the Kobold King 2nd & 3rd LVL
This adventure was also played as written. The party did eventual succeed at eradicating the Kobold threat from the Darkmoon Vale. But, offended several townsfolk of Falcon’s Hollow.

Dungeon of the Fire Opal 3rd LVL
This offering from Dungeon 84, was played by secondary PCs and played pretty much as is; with the following exceptions, the Bone Devil in room 32 (that the party wasn’t suppose to fight) was replaced by a Bearded Devil the party did fight. Also, one of the party members decided to betray the others and allied with the Tiefling Sorcerer to steal some of the party’s loot (including making off with the real Fire Opal when the party was fooled by the fake.)

The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh 1st LVL
This module is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons U1 . I was greatly aided by a EnWorld d20 conversion authored by Daniel Collins. It was a transition module for our campaign; as we introduced two new players and said goodbye to two of our former players. It played out very smoothly by eliminating a lot of the random encounters and allowing the party to return to Saltmarsh and rest frequently. I used a lesser version of Dungeonscape’s Rot Grub swarm that nearly killed one party member. The Green slime was also particularly challenging, even for 2nd LVL characters. Of note: Sanbalet became a recurring villain named Sanblat, the party never did find the Alchemist body, and they ended up with the Sea Ghost. This is the second time I had DM’d this module (the first being in the original 1st edition) and I found it extremely enjoyable, as did the players!

Stolen Land 4th LVL


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