Oerth Calendar

Days of the week, month, & year
7 days in a week, 28 in a month, 364 days in a year and four 1 week holidays

  • Starday (work)
  • Sunday (work)
  • Moonday (work)
  • Godsday (worship)
  • Waterday (work)
  • Earthday (work)
  • Freeday (rest)
Months of the Year & common holidays

Common Elven Nomad’s equivalent
Fireseek Diamondice Tiger January
Readying Yellowillow Bear February
Coldeven Snowflowers Lion March
Growfest A week long Spring festival between Months
Planting Blossoms Frog April
Flocktime Violets Turtle May
Wealsun Berrytime Fox June
Richfest A week long Summer Solstice between Months
Reaping Goldfields Snake July
Goodmonth Sunflowers Boar August
Harvester Fruitfall Squirrel September
Brewfest A week long Harvest festival between Months
Patchwall Brightleaf Hare October
Ready’reat Tinklingice Hawk November
Sunsebb Lacysnows Wolf December
Needfest A week long Winter Festivalat the end of the year

Oerth Calendar

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