Places and People

This is the page where, brief descriptions of key NPC’s (including NPC groups) and significant locations can be found.

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A medium size town on the Isle of Tomun’s Enclave in the former Shield Lands. Now occupied by the forces of Iuz and used as a slavers port. Rumored to be run by a high ranking member of Iuz’s inner circle, a wizard known only as Vayne. The port of Amundfort is has recently been blockaded by the Furyondian Navy.

Mistress Healer
Beautiful, glowing-eyes, green dress. She was the healer at Oakbend that tended to Tarin while he was healing from the Boar attack. She is some sort of spiritualist/herbalist that secretly prays to some mother goddess. She is fluent in elvish and says she is from the Barren Lands, sometime Flan alies of the Balkunish Wolf nomads.

Capital City of the Bandit Kingdom of Redhand. An important trade city due to it’s location at the mouth of the Eel River and the shore of the Nyr Dyv.

Caravan Guard
A drunken womanizer Tarin traveled with during his time with the trade caravans. Despite being perpetually drunk, he has a great amount a street smarts and says “When in Pale, one should praise Pholtus!”.

The Antler Inn
A stummy little Inn in the bad part of Ogburg.

A ruined town in the former Shield Lands. On the northern Bank of the Nyr Dyv Now overrun with evil humanoid mercenaries, that use it as a sortie point for raids. (approx. pop. 3200: 74% orc, 15% Gnoll, 4% human, 3% Half Orc, 2% Ogre, 1% Hafling, 1%

Bely’s Marvelous oddities
A magic and rare item shop located in Critwall. Takes it’s name from it’s female Halfling owner Bely Bexly. A half Orc female named Zlava ,helps Bely run the place.

A Suel / Flan hybrid clan located inside the Rakers and Griff mountains. Were forced into a peace treaty with their longtime rivals the Larushka in 588Cy

Brawl Master Alhoster Madsen
High priest at the Greyhawk Temple of Kord and Katrina Urquell’s superior within the Holy order of Tankard and Fist.

Town elder of the free town Shapic and priestess of Ehlonna.

Cold Marshes
A vast magical swap that lies between the lands of Iuz, The Wolf Nomads, The Rovers of the Barrens, and Blackmoor. It is said to have unusually cold weather year round.

Cold Stone Keep
An abandoned fortress located within the Cold Marshes. Rumored to be the location of the mysterious artifact known as Fiend’s Embrace.

Darkmoon Vale
A Valley inside the Rakers mountains about 50 miles east of Landringard. Home of the Larushka people and location of the town of Falcon’s Hollow. The Vale is famous for a copse of black birch trees and a half dozen thickets of hickory trees making it the prime wood source for bows and arrows in the Theocracy of Pale. It is also the location of former Dwarven monastery Droskar’s Crucible.

Dr. Jonathan Asworth
Doctor and caretaker at The Rakers Asylum
Met at the Rakers Asylum. A creepy, sneaky, untrustworthy bastard that is clearly in over his head. Turns out to be telepathically enslaved by a demon. Was latter executed by inquisitor Tandmon according to Slays.

Dragon Claws
A group of adventures that met in the small village of Hollow’s Point inside the Theocracy of Pale. The original members were Tarin Arien, Elthazar, and Kira. The group later came to include characters like Thon Fielderson, Charles O’Carien, Garn Rockdweler, Hgerd Ironcutter, Alluna, Katrina Urquell, Tethan Senh,Enidri Felwin, and even the traitor Kris (Blade) Arien. The group’s name was given to them by Samm Wimarc owner of the Sitting Duck Inn at Falcon’s Hollow.

Droskar’s Crucible
An abandoned Dwarven mine and temple outside of Falcon’s Hollow. The old inhabitants of the mine appear to have converted to the evil Duergar God Laduguer, before being overrun by Kobolds.

Either refers to the Glacier in a high crevasse valley, deep inside the Rakers mountains east of Ogburg or the frozen city that lies beneath it.

Falcon’s Hollow
A mining and lumber town located inside the Darkmoon Vale of the Rakers mountains. Despite it’s small size the town is a host of intrigue and plots. Some of the members of The Dragon Claws hold mining claims in the nearby hills.

Fiend’s Embrace
Supposedly an artifact cloak made of Pit Fiend hide. The cloak was once rumored to be property of the infamous witch queen Iggwilv, given to her by her Demon Prince lover Graz’zt. The cloak is supposedly is sentient.

Finger’s of Iuz
A mercenary group sent to Cold Stone Keep to recover Fiend’s Embrace. While clearly servant’s of the 1/2 Demon God Iuz, they nevertheless confessed to being hired by the wizard Content Not Found: sanblat-1. They were defeated by the Dragon Claws adventuring group.

A former province of the Kingdom Aerdy , Furyondy is a powerful militarist feudal monarchy in the western Flanaess.

Gamboge Forest and Hawkboar Road
The road runs through the northern tip of the forest. Elthazar and Kira went herb picking here after meeting Thon. Elthazar got cut up a bit by nettles. Kira met her Bat, Kili here.

Griff mountains
A range of mountains that run north and east of The Duchy of Tehn. Also home to the Stonehold Barbarians

Hollow’s Point
Our starting town. A small, rustic community in the Theocracy of Pale.

The Hunter and Rose
An Inn of excellent quality located in Critwall. Was the Inn Tharma took the adventures after retrieving them from the Shieldlands wilds. It has excellent food like: 1.Braised Partridge and Curd Cheese, Glass of Whiskey (8 sp) .Boiled Mutton and Chestnut Bread, Tankard of Mead ( 5sp & 8 cp) .Roasted Pheasant with Garlic and Leek, Glass of Brandy (11 sp).Roasted Chicken with Garlic and Grape Pie, Glass of Mead (6 sp). Run by fat Halfling named Edward. Two story blue tiled structure with a large wine cellar and 12 spacious rooms. Lots of artwork, sculptures, fountains, and plants.

A female Wizard of significant power. Member of the circle of 8 and a Regent on the Board of Greyhawk’s University of Magical arts. She counts both Otto and Tenser as Allies.

Johab Fielderson
Elder brother of Thon Fielderson. He is an accomplished merchant that was taken prisoner by brigands on his journey to the city of Redspan in the Autumn of CY589. He was spotted as a slave prisoner in the summer of CY591 by Thorfin Blackrock in the town of Yellowreach. He is rumored to have been taken to the city of Amundfort in order to be sold to one of the southern Kingdoms as a slave.

Kalier Goloda
Constable of Amundfort

A mysterious mad wizard who enjoys collecting artifacts and manipulating and controlling powerful monsters and people.

Keep of the Fallen Kings
An old ruined fortress located in the war torn occupied remains of The Shield Lands. It was once the home to a great human King who ruled the area several centuries ago. It is the rumored location of the fabled Dwarven artifact known as The Earth Crown.

A fortress city inside The Theocracy of Pale. It is a frontier city on the border of the Rakers . It has earthen ramparts and a wooden palisade that surrounds city center.

A Flan / Suel hybrid people mainly spread throughout the Rakers and Griff mountains. They are in constant struggle with their sister tribe the Bezhumni. Most of the local population of Falcon’s Hollow are Larushka. In theory they have sworn loyalty to the Theocracy of Pale but, in practice go about living their lives much as they always have.

Melina Senh
Regent/Professor at the Greyhawk University of Magical arts and mother to Tethan Senh

Northern Alliance
A Pact between the nations of Ratik and the Frost Barbarians. The alliance also includes many of the Dwarf and gnome clans located in the Rakers mountains, the Griff Mountains, and the Flinty Hills.

Nyr Dyv
A huge freshwater inner-sea that connects many nations of the Flanaess. It is sometimes called __the lake of un-known depths_.

An unwalled, logger/farmer community near Hollow’s Point. The second stop in out Journey. (Map location unavailable)

Oakbend Shrine
Shrine to Pholtus
A shrine to Pholtus on Hawkboar road, just outside town. It seems mostly unused and poorly kept. It is a small statuary of Pholtus with a heavy stone base. Two wash tubs rest at the base of the shrine for offerings to the lord.

Apprentice Healer
A young female apprentice of Alluna. Nothing more in known about her.

As seen on a map of the Pale. A huge, powerful city and the seat of control for the Palish Inquisitor Tandmon. Also the cultural center of Pale and the most tolerant towards other faiths until recently.

Orod’s Scriptorium
A small shop with an abundance of bookshelves stuffed with books, scrolls, and tablets of both magical and mundane variety. Location Critwall.

Archmage and member of The circle of eight. Ally of Jallazri

Town elder of the free town of Shapic and local guide and Ranger

Piren’s Bluff
A troubled township in the northern most reaches of the Bandit Kingdom of Johrase.
(once) plagued by a tyrannical Baron and the Devil worshiping Horned society.

Priest Jost
Priest of Pholtus
One of the two priests encountered at the shrine near Oakdale. Kira donated 2gp and they helped lead Elthazar and Kira to the healer’s hut where Tarin was laid up.

A large mountain range west of the Theocracy of Pale.

Rakers Asylum
Seated in the high frozen peaks of the Rakers mountains 35 miles east of Ogburg. This place is creepy and grim. Strange and evil things are afoot in this area. The party was sent here to investigate missing persons by Stone Dylerold’s assistant, Slays.

A nation located east of the Rakers mountains, north of The Bone March, and south of the Frost Barbarians.

One of the Bandit Kingdoms located on the Northern shores of the Nyr Dyv.

Red-House Lodge
An old two story inn with a huge common area and tiny little rooms.
This is where Tarin, Kira, and Elthazar first met.

Rinard Underfoot
A Halfling mage and senior staff member at the Greyhawk University of Magical arts.

Sam Wimarc
Owner of the Sitting Duck Inn

The only known “Free town” on the occupied island of Toman’s enclave in the former Shield lands. Located about a day and a half days march north of Admundfort.

A mercenary Ninja of the fabled Dragon Sword Clan. He was an agent of the renown Circle of Eight and used by Nystul to aid members of the Dragon Claws in recovery of the artifact known as Fiend’s Embrace. Shingetsu eventually stole Fiend’s Embrace after the Dragon Claws had recovered it, either to insure it’s return to Nystul or for reason’s of his own. He was slain shortly after by the Black Dragon Sizzle Claw.

Priestess of Asmodeus in Piren’s Bluff and likely agent of the Horned society.

Sitting Duck
A popular Inn for adventurer’s to gather located in the town of Falcon’s Hollow. It’s owner, Samm Wimarc kicked the Dragon Claws out because Tarin Arien insulted his integrity.

Sizzle Claw AKA Nizidramanii’yt
A Large Black Dragon that lives in the Cold Marshes. Probably responsible for the death of the ninja Shingetsu and likely the new owner of Fiend’s Embrace.

Stonestriker clan
A large clan of Mountain Dwarfs that live in the eastern side of the Raker’s Mountains about 10 leauges northwest of Ratikhill. The clan numbers about 400 able bodied adults and an equal number of adolescent or venerable members of the clan. They are members of the Northen Alliance and close allies with the Archbarony of Ratik. This is the home clan of Tharma Blackrock and Thorfin Blackrock .

An apprentice at the Greyhawk University of Magical arts. Often put in charge of the east wing dormitories

Head-Arch Inquisitor at Ogburg
Met at the Ogburg barracks while looking for Dylerold. Egotistical, rich, jerk. He doesn’t like, or trust Elthazar and Tarin. He hasn’t met Thon, or Kira yet.

Tate and Margie
Inn owner/operators
They are the dirty little couple that runs The Antler Inn, in the Ogburg slums.

Tehn (Duchy of)
The former Duchy of Tehn is a war torn land which 4 factions fight over and claim territory in. Loyalist to Duke Ehyeh III are active in the south and still hold Redspan. Much of the western half of the country is held by the Army of light from the Theocracy of Pale and Flan refugees from the former Duchy of Tehn. These Flan converted to the true light of Pholtus, and call themselves the faithful Flan. In the north the Barbarians of Stonehold still hold the old capital of Tehn, Nevond Nevnend and Cabult ( though Cabult is under siege by the forces of Pale.) Finally, many humanoid and human bandits roam the lawless central portions of the former country of Tehn; remnants of the vast force the Evil one Iuz sent against the region during the Greyhawk wars.

Tharma Blackrock
A priestess and senior cleric for Moradin and member of the Stonestriker clan. She was tasked to retrieve the artifact Earth Crown. Her brother is Thorfin Blackrock.

Tomun’s Enclave
A isle in the northern part of the Nyr Dyv. Formerly part of the shield lands now teaming with the minions of Iuz.

A costal City of the Bandit Kingdom of Redhand. Set on the Northern coast of the Nyr Dyv it plays an important role in the economics of the Bandit Kingdom.

Leader of the forces of Iuz in Amundfort. Rumored to be a powerful wizard and a high ranking member of the Iuz elite.

Vedikon Lord Baron
Baron Vedikon is (was) the Baron of Piren’s Bluff . He is a former bandit lord in the northern most regions of the former bandit kingdom of Johrase. He is rumored to have spared his region from the worst of the hoards of Iuz during the Greyhawk wars by offering tribute to the Orc chieftain who rules the Kingdom’s former capital Kinemeet, while hedging his bets with nobles of Dimre. Vedikon is widely despised by most of Johrase but holds (held) his power base with the assistance of Horned society members.

White Plume Mountain
A Dungeon Dug out of a Volcanic Mountain in the southwestern portion of the Badit Kingdoms. Used by the insane wizard Keraptis as a depository for stolen artifacts and as a kind of testing ground/ fun house, he uses to torment adventuring parties.

Wohin and Son
Stone workers (masons)
Wohin is Dylerold’s uncle. Supposedly they were sent to the Rackers Asylum to do some work. Disappeared and we were sent to look for them. We rescued them from some demons in the Frozen City.

Yenejg Tojan
A long dead evil wizard that consorted with Demons and terrorized the countryside around the town of Shapic, about 70 years ago.

A small community inside the Bandit Kingdoms at the base of White Plume Mountain. It appears the local community leaders made a deal with the invading forces of Iuz during the Greyhawk Wars, and therefore the town was left relatively un-molested. It is a walled town of about 4000 humans, 1/2 orcs, halflings, and orcs. The town has a decidedly wicked bent.

Zumker River
A tributary of the Artonsamy river that makes up the north eastern border between Tehn , the Bandit lands, and the southern reaches of the Barrens.

Places and People

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