House rules for Skills

Although this section will address the house rules for skills section of the Broken Banners campaign; the house rules are by no means set in stone. If a player has a comment or suggestion regarding existing house rules or would like to introduce an additional house rule, by all means mention it to the DM and the group may adopt it.


All skills that have synergies with other skills by having 5 ranks and therefore receiving a +2 bonus in a related skill will now scale in increments +1 for every 5 additional ranks the character has in the synergy skill, example; a character with 5 ranks in Jump receives a +2 bonus to tumble. If that character later acquires 10 ranks in Jump his synergy bonus with tumble would increase to +3, at 15th the bonus would increase to +4 and so on.

Skill modifications:
The following is a list of skills that have modifications in the Broken Banners

appraise: in addition to the craft skills; all skills receive synergy bonus when appraise is used to approximate the value of an item commonly used with the skill;example: 5 ranks in handle animal grants a +2 bonus to appraise common animals.

balance: for every 5 ranks in balance add a +1 competence bonus to resist being tripped

concentration: spell craft synergy when casting defensively, over coming distracting
conditions, or damage when casting.

craft: craft traps now has synergy with disable device when disabling traps; craft locks
now has synergy with open locks. craft armor , treat full plate armor as 1/2 the
purpose of crafting

gather info: diplomacy will take the place of gather info. All characters who have ranks in gather info should place them in diplomacy instead. All classes that had gather info as a class skill now have diplomacy instead. In addition, all pre-requisites that required ranks in gather info, now require an equal amount of ranks in diplomacy. Bluff, knowledge nobility, knowledge local, and sense motive still has synergy with diplomacy . All class feature, spell, or other abilities/functions that offered bonuses or penalties to gather info now do the same for diplomacy only for the purposes of gathering info.

knowledge arcana: synergy to find and disable magical traps

knowledge architecture: synergy to find and disable traps above ground (but not floating)
buildings on the prime material plane. Also now a Fighter class skill.

knowledge local: synergy with diplomacy for the purposes of gathering info. Also if you have at least 1 rank in knowledge local, you may instead make a knowledge nobility check although at a -10 penalty. (this signifies the characters intimate knowledge of local customs, people, and places but not quite as informed about the upper reaches of society)

knowledge nobility: if you have at least 1 rank in knowledge nobility you may make a knowledge local check at a -10 penalty. ( This signifies the characters knowledge of the privileged elite, their customs, and rituals; And the fact that good leaders know what is happening within their own lands; they also tend to lose the common touch, and therefore are not as informed with the more mundane aspects of the lands.)

knowledge planes: synergy to find and disable traps on planes other than the prime material

Spellcraft: synergy with concentration for the purposes of casting a spell defensively or under difficult conditions.

Survival: synergy to locate outdoor or naturally made hazards and traps

Use Magic Device: Now a Sorcerer class skill

Bonus Skill: All Player Characters receive 1 free rank in their choice of Craft, Perform, or Profession . This is a one time bonus given at the time of character creation and cannot be changed.


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