Broken Banners

Elthazar's final report?

just who is Elthazar anyway?

To the sacred council of the Seldarine in the Sheldomar Valley and any of the Tel’Quessir who may read this dispatch. I write these tidings in duress, as I do not know what tomorrow may bring for myself and my companions. My journeys have lead me to the north bank of the Zumker river on the border of the land once known as the Duchy of Tehn. My companions are two youthful human males whom trouble seems to follow. Both myself and one of the human boys have been grievously wounded by an Orc ambush. We are now lying low trying to recover from our wounds while Orc and Goblin patrols swarm the area.

I have written this report and passed it on to the most able of our small group; Thon Fielderson of the County of Urnst. The boy Thon, was shocked when I told him of my true mission. I implored him to carry this dreadfully important record of my actions, from the time I left the realm of our beloved Duke Grenowin. Oh how I long to see the Green fields of Ulek again! Yet my mission is important to all of the Tel’Quessir and as I have come to believe, perhaps all the peoples of Oerth!

I am a Seeker of the Misty Isle. Few of the Tel’Quessir know of our order and even fewer still of the younger races have any knowledge of our existence. From the time of my adolescence I have been chosen to be part of this holy task to help our heavenly leader, Corellon Larethian; recover what stolen from the Seldarine by the evil humanoid Gods Gruumsh and Kurtulmak . It is with this purpose that I have chosen my life’s path.

This path lead me to the valleys and peaks of the Rakers mountains. I was sent to these distant lands by Rúmil of Waybury a chronicler of our order and my mother’s father. Rúmil believes a portent of some significance will come from a yet unknown but important event for the worshipers of the elder Oredian God, Pholtus. The Chronicler, stumbled on some obscure passages from The works of Lord Larethian , that stated : “and a quarter of Luna shall harken onto the division of Celene.” and further more stated. “ and in those days Celene shall no longer share the sun but, the Childern of Luna shall see the light.”

Perhaps it is because we of the Seekers of the Misty Isle have labored so many years in vain that, my Grandfather’s conclusion was overlooked. But, for years Rúmil of Waybury insisted that, “the passage of a quarter of Luna referred to the worshipers of Corellon Larethian. This supposition got some support because, of our God’s holy symbol and the fact that, our most important holy day is also celebrated on the quarter moon. It was however, when my Grandfather suggested that if Luna represented Corellon Larethian then Celene represented the elder human God of the moon Pholtus that, spurned disbelief by his fellow scholars. Simply put my Grandfather believed that, Oerth had two moons that interacted with the tides and seasons of the planet; so why shouldn’t two Gods intersect and interact? But, Rúmil’s colleagues objected. They pointed out that Seldarine had always acted independently of the human Gods from the first age all the way to the present. But, my Grandfather always believed he was correct and bide his time till I came of age.

And so it was when I came of age that my Grandfather expressed his desire for me to join the holy order of the seekers of the misty isle. I now write this important dispatch to confirm that indeed a schism exist within the Clergy of Pholtus. I know not yet how this relates to Seldarine or the Tel’ Quessir but, it does confirm that my Grandfather was correct in assumption about a prophecy regarding the faith of Pholtus. I and some companions I have met in my journeys have discovered a secrete regarding the faith of Pholtus: The God of law and light once had worshipers of a darker nature.

My companions and I stumbled on an ancient city frozen beneath a glacier high in the Rakers mountains where both Pholtus and some Devil Lord were worship simultaneously. When we told our employer ( a goodly Paladin of Pholtus) our discovery he immediately set out to investigate this mysterious city himself. The boy Paladin Stone Dylerold, asked for our party to keep the information we had learned in confidence until he returned. He asked me and my fellow adventures to assist his family with a town that was in Peril from Plague and monsters that he was duty bond to protect. I agreed to do as the goodly knight asked as I was certain that Corellon Larethain had lead me to this Paladin and his family .Others among my companions accepted the task for their own reasons.

It was near the completion of our task in the remote town of Falcon’s Hollow that, we received word that our Patron had been seized by his authoritarian masters and taken to the capital of the Theocracy of Pale, Wintershiven. It was suggested that we travel travel to the town of Braycott inside the war torn Duchy of Tehn where we could seek the protection of Stone’s father; Cruson Dylerold. The Dylerold’s are a powerful family within the Theocracy of Pale. Indeed Cruson Dylerold is a Lord of some renown and a general in the armies that occupy the lands formally know as Tehn.

Before, I met with Cruson Dylerold I was compelled to go to Wintershiven and see what I could do to secure the release of the Valiant Stone Dylerold. This was not an easy journey as elves are an uncommon sight in Pale and I was stopped and question many times. If not for the fact I carried diplomatic papers from my homeland and I was not traveling with my other companions, I am sure I would have been detained as well. When I arrived in Wintershiven I made inquires regarding the young lord Dylerold and found he was being held under house arrest at one of his father’s estates in the capital. I was able to gain an audience with the young lord by convincing them that I was an elven wine merchant that had business with the Dylerold family.

My meeting was brief with the Stone as we were carefully watched by an inquisitor of their strict faith.Through misdirection and bluff Stone Dylerold was able to impart on to me that, I was in great danger here inside The Theocracy of Pale. A senior members of The council of 9 had authorized the arrest and even execution of any person connected with the discovery of the Lost Frozen City. Only the facts that Stone’s family was powerfully connected and that he was a long standing and faithful member of the Order of Light had spared him from a dungeon cell or worse. Members of the inquisitors still threatened to put him to the question daily.

Therefore, Stone Dylerold implored me to leave Pale and contact his father and his father’s longtime adviser a mysterious sage know only as Lantys . I long to help the boy but, there was little I could do except inform his father and present the mystery of the Frozen city to this mysterious learned sage. So I left Wintershiven for Braycott under the protection of a small contingent of Dylerold house guards. In under a week I was in Braycott only to find Lord Cruson Dylerold had already left for Wintershiven to defend his son. Lord Dylerold’s adjutant Aris Hartgard informed me that my former companions had already left for the besieged city of Redspan. Although the freemen of Tehn and the Armies of Pale were technically at war th adjutant informed me they regular met under the flag of truce to exchange prisoners and information regarding the greater enemies in the former lands of Tehn. Aris Hartgard promised I could accompany the next group that left and from there possibly return to Redspan under the protection of the free militia.

I did as the adjutant suggested and shortly after, I found myself in Redspan, re-united with my former companions. It was a little while after I arrived that we met the mysterious sage Lantys. We presented all the information we had learned about the Frozen city and the political and religious trouble in Pale. Lantys seemed to be an important person in town as many deferred to him. It was little surprise a week into our stay in Redspan when Lantys revealed that he was actually the Arch Mage Nystul a member of the Circle of Eight! Nystul informed us that he had already be informed of the Lost City by magical means and had already sent another group of adventures to look for an artifact that related to the City’s form of worship and could lead to further information.

He never asked why each of was involved but, seemed ready to use us to his own ends as men of power always do. He asked us to wait until he could recover more information before he decided the next coarse of action. I prayed on the matter and having no answer I decided to spend time exploring the city with my companions. Alas curiosity has always lead me to trouble even from my youth. One of my companions was waylaid in the rougher parts of town. His body beaten and equipment stolen I felt honor bound to help him track down the villains. Our adventure lay outside the safety of the city walls and beyond the border of the Zumker river. ( This information was relayed to us through the use of scrying by the mage Nystul.)

So here I am. Only Lord Larethian knows where. I have just woken after hours of being unconscious. My strength is yet to weak to stand but, I have maid supplications to my God that he might give me the power to heal myself and my companions by the morrow. Thon stands vigil over our wounded bodies for now. If I don’t make it I have instructed the boy to give this dispatch to the first high elf he comes across in hopes it finds it’s way to someone in my order. May the Seldarine make it so…Selah



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