Broken Banners

From the Journal of Pylf, Bloodrider Mercenary

Could be an interesting job.

So Fern and I have ended up heading back east for what sounded like a good opportunity for some coin. We’re helping some human lordling set up a base of operations in the middle of nothing. It’s a lot more green than I’m used to, but it’s pretty enough, I guess, and Fern’s got plenty of plants to snack on.

Turns out that some of the plants are monsters, though. Easy enough to kill, when you’ve got as deadly a group as ours. I’ve been sent out on my latest patrol with a two humans and an elf, trying to find a lair of some local cannibals, or something. After finding a few spots where they attacked Mr. Lordling’s pals, we determined that they’re about my size (which, of course, means twice as deadly), and we followed their tracks back to their lair, where a bunch of flowers and trees tried to kill us.

After a good ol’ smash ‘n’ burn on the killer plants, we headed inside. The job was actually starting to get interesting. I’ll just have to keep an eye on my fellow mercs, too. The lady, Alluna, just sent her wolf buddy back to the fort on his own when he took a few hits in combat, which I find completely unethical, the elf guy, Koenig, is a bit too perceptive for my tastes, and the kid, Thon, just seems way too uppity.

They do all seem like they may leave some trinkets laying around, though…



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