Broken Banners

Journal Entry 7.7.1

After spending the better part of the last year in the wild with my best buddy Hyo, I figured it was about time to re-connect with the human world.
I try to make back to the “civilized” world every once in a while just to check on the state on things and see how much has been screwed up.
Although I have found that most people are good at heart, there are enough people, of all races, who’s selfishness override their goodness and
common sense.

My timing couldn’t have worked out better as when I reached the first heavily used road, I found a flyer requesting help from some minor noble to
help track down and stop the murdering of his workers. There was a mention of a reward ot titles and lands. Titles mean nothing to me but
I might be able to make use the land. A good park is always a needed thing. We set off immediately to see how we might be able to help.

On arrival, we were put up for the night and told we would be briefed in the morning about what we woud be required to do. During our briefing
we were introduced to the team we would be working with and shown some massively brutalized corpses. After some brief introductions, we set out
to the site of the first attack. During the walk, I took some time to study my new allies.

The one the noble put in charge was a young human man named Thon. I could tell that he had some ranger skills and he seemed capable enough. We will see what
kind of leader he is.The only female member of the group, Alluna, an obvious druid seemed very concerned about some lost workers but was willing to work with the rest of
the group. She and the Thon had obviously worked together before which should make things a little smoother. The final member of our little party, Pylf,
was of a race I am not familiar with. What was cool was his mount was an animal I had only heard of, a camel. He plays the mercanary role well and seemed willing to do
anything if the price was right. However his love and concern for his camel, Fern, was easy to see which means he can’t be all bad and that there is more to him beneath the surface.

We eventually made it to the site of the attack and discovered enough clues and information to set us off in the right direction. The clever
little buggers set some false trails but after some time we were able to get back and track. Eventually I was able to identify what the creatures we
were tracking look like, a lot of god that did. The trail led to an area in the forest that did not look quite natural. We found a tunnel in this
area and came up with a plan to lure the monsters out and maybe catch them by surprise. Well, that went to hell almost immediately. The trap
we tried to set up ended up being attached to one of the monsters. It seems that the little bastards can grow large and look like rose bushes. Honestly
it was kinda cool.

As battle ensued, we ended up having to fight several of these plant guys as well as some tree creatures. They weren’t too hard to defeat but Alluna’s
wolf took some damage. She ended up sending the wolf back to the fort we started out from. That seemed a bit over-protective to me but I guess not all
companions can be as tough as Hyo.

I finally got a chance to watch Thon, Alluna and Pylf fight and I was happy at what I saw. They used tactics I had not seen before. Watching how they
worked and moved, I could see great potential in having them as allies. I believe given a little time, we will be able to work as a cohesive unit and that
I will be able to learn much them that will improve myself as a warrior and a ranger. If given a chance, I hope to work longer with these men and women. I see
the potential of great friendship.



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