Broken Banners

Mordakai's Register entry 2

  • Upon reaching the tower, we were set upon by the entire fighting force of the Blistermuck Bugbear tribe. They attacked from every angle, and Sarissa was badly injured, but Thon and I struck down their leader, ending the Blistermuck threat for good. There are a few stragglers, but they will be easy prey for the Orcs and forces of Iuz in the region.
  • Katrina was a major help in this fight. Between having the foresight to carry a Wand of Delay Poison, and some advanced medical care, she was able to eliminate the threat of the Blistermuck Clan’s signature poison. We should take up a group collection to get a new wand for her.
  • Clearing out their tribal home, and destroying anything they may find useful. I don’t want them to come back and have supplies, or any other hostile tribe.
  • I sent Thon and Sarissa to scout the upper area leading to the Tower. They returned after about an hour, after they disarmed the traps and Thon got his mind drained by a Lamia. I am still considering what to do with the nest of Stirges inside an abandoned stables.



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