Broken Banners

Thon's missives

Thon's thoughts as he is headed into the unknown

We are getting close to Tehn
It has been over a year, I think. Time has all but stopped for me since I left our family business to search for my brother Jahob. I think of my parents, working day & night to keep our modest merchant trade successful. My mom mending the broken baskets, dad hawking his wares that he treasures so much.
When I left the Urnst Guard to search for Jahob, I had no idea where I would start; I just headed north along the west banks of the Artonsamay river. I joined Alluna as her hireling for 12 moon cycles, after an attack by Krenshars almost slew me . It was on her advice that spurred me to join up with Dragon’s Claw mercenary company , and continue the search for my lost Jahob.
Alluna….i owe her my life. She saved me from the grips of death, and nursed me back to health while training me in the ways of nature.
Perhaps I should return to my homelands? Tehn is a vast war torn land; I have little chance of finding news of Jahob. But how could I face my little sister Elsie bearing no news of Jahob? Sometimes it pains me that I left for this selfish quest. Jahob is the eldest. The family business and most of the holdings would have passed to him. But, I never was as good at barter as my brother and have always thought the merchant’s life boring, except for when I got the chance to guard our caravans or practice archery. But, I even found that dull after a while. That’s why I joined the Urnst militia. When my brother went missing my father quickly arranged for my release from the Urnst guard as I was his only remaining son. It did not please him when I announced that I would find my brother and bring him home. Sometimes I think: I work to save my brother in order to save myself from a life of responsibility.
My mom saying “ Thon, please don’t run off to ruin!!”
It sticks in my thoughts. What good is this quest if my parents lose two sons instead of one? I should be in a great mood. We’ve battled the remains of winter and are drawing close to the Phostwood. But, the closer I get to my destination…
the more I doubt my cause.



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