A Baklunish swashbuckling holy woman from banks of the Tuflik river


Merisial, is a taller brown haired beauty of Baklunish descent. Although her skin tone is darker than most people east Ket, Merisial is actually quite light skinned among her people. She is physically strong for a woman having actually worked in ship yards and as a scullion. Her hands and eyes are extremely quick and she is quite gifted at sword play having learned from an early age by two older brothers and latter her cousin. Her brown eyes betray a fiercely determined persona.

If Merisial has a fault it is that, despite being a priestess of a water Goddess she is easily overcome with motion sickness if she hasn’t been on a ship in a while. Indeed, Merisial always seems to be fighting some kind of minor cold or allergy and has a very sensitive digestive system and therefore has chosen to eat mostly only vegetarian fair except for fish which she views as a holy gift from her Goddess.


Merisial or Merisial A’ Hahn of Geshtai, as she is known in her home lands, is a wandering apprentice Cleric of the River Goddess Geshtai. Merisial, was raised on the southern shores of the Tuflik River in near the Plains of Paynims. These lands were once held by the Tusmit Pasha’s. However, the lands had long been contested by Sultans of Zeif. In CY584 Merisial was sent abroad to avoid being selected as a concubine by a local Zeif Emir.

The 13 year old Merisial had only just begun her studies as a holy celibate of Geshtai, and therefore was not immune to selection. Hence, her parents sent her to a distant cousin who lived far to the east, on the shores of the Nyr Dyv lake, in the city of Dyvers. It was under her cousin’s care that Merisial learned about the shipbuilding and engineering trade. However, after several years of studying under and serving her cousin, Merisial moved to the small town of Saltmarsh to continue her studies as a priestess of Geshtai.

In Saltmarsh, Merisial took the humble job of a scullion and continued to study the holy scrolls and text of her Goddess. She prayed nightly for enlightenment and a sign from Geshtai . It was about a year after she arrived in Saltmarsh that Geshtai granted Merisial holy powers to heal and produce other small miracles. At first Merisial believed Geshtai had granted her the strange and wonderful powers to try and persuade the people of Saltmarsh to convert to the worship of the Goddess.

When she met with resistance and sometimes hostility to the idea of converting to or even accepting the worship of Geshtai, Merisial despaired. The good people of Saltmarsh were thankful for the bounty of the Great Lake Nyr Dyv . However, these same folk seemed reluctant to credit a Baklunish God as it’s protector or creator. Merisial, prayed for another sign and received it when a few months later the townsfolk asked her to assist an adventuring group eliminate a group of pirates that had plagued the coast.

After defeating the pirates, the adventures priestess of Geshtai, was offered position as ship’s engineer and healer aboard the newly captured Sea Ghost. It was then Merisial knew that Geshtai had answered her prayers. For now she would get to explore the Great expanse of the Fresh Water Sea that was the Nyr Dyv . Merisial even dares to hope that, Geshtai will grant the crew and herself to, explore some of the rivers that empty into and flow out of the Great Lake.

So now Merisial calls the Sea Ghost home. Until Geshtai calls her to a greater calling….


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