Nystul is a powerful mage and leader in the Tehn resistance


Nystul appears to be a very tall and ill groomed man in his early 50’s. He also often appears to be a 1/2 Elven adventurer in his 30’s . He dresses in fine but often unkempt robes or breeches and coat. Nystul is a serious driven individual. He doesn’t smile often and always gets strait to the point in a conversation. He is used to giving orders and often seems to talk over people expecting his word to be final.

When relaxed Nystul can seem downright flippant about most topics except his native Tehn. He is often viewed as Smug or sarcastic even among friends. He is gangly in is natural form,a thin extremely tall man that is often described as, “a ridiculous beanpole of elbows and knees,” by those who don’t favor him. (and only behind his back.)

He has an Olive complexion and wears a surprisingly well trimmed beard in his natural form but is clean shaven in his 1/2 elven form. Nystul is often seen carrying a staff with glowing runes of power.


Nystul is a powerful mage and a member of the renown Circle of Eight. He seems to be a leader in the efforts of Tehn patriots to reclaim their homeland. He is some how allied with house Dylerold of the Theocracy of Pale. For a time he masqueraded as the sage Lantys so as not to draw too much attention between himself and house Dylerold. As a former member of the Tehn nobility Nystul is obsessed with recapturing his homeland and the defeat of Iuz.


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